Enjoy a magical experience just one hour from Barcelona. Come and discover the medieval monastery of Sant Benet, with more than a thousand years of history, in lovely natural surroundings near Barcelona. Two options tours: GOURMET TOUR EXPERIENCE - Food, wine & culture From 8.30h to 17.30h Exclusive tour that combines two secluded jewels: Gourmet visit in Abadal Cellar (small brunch included...
Pessebre Vivent
On 21, 22, 26, 28 and 29 of dicember and 1 January, Món Sant Benet experiences the magic of Christmas with the second living crib, set in the medieval period.
Alícia's delights
We’ll put our aprons on and make some refreshing recipes for the summer: ice-creams, orgeat and granita. In the Alícia Foundation’s kitchen classroom, as well as fighting the heat, we will learn techniques for eating better, with fun recipes based on good eating habits. A real delight! For 5 to 12
Lunchbox and sandwich
We offer you a lively, fun workshop making recipes for healthy sandwiches and other packed lunches so you can enter to school and work well prepared. Laziness and lack of time will no longer be an excuse for not taking a good lunchbox! From 5 to 12
From the garden to the plate
Participatory workshop that aims to bring seasonal cooking products in our kitchen. First we will go to the garden to collect organic products and then we will learn how to cook them. Finally, you can have a taste of the dishes we cooked. 5 to 12 years.
Finger-licking good!
Who knows how to make a nuts cake in 5 minutes? We offer you a workshop where we will discover the secrets of healthy eating and, with the help of a monitor, we will make a series of quick, affordable recipes for everyone, from breakfast to supper time. A participative workshop where boys and girls will come into contact with the kitchen and parents will discover some tricks that can help them in their everyday lives.
Roda el món i torna al Born
When Christopher Columbus reached what is now America he could hardly have imagined that his discovery could have had so many implications. From there came new products that revolutionised the kitchens of half Europe. We offer you the chance to discover the flavours that surprised the European palates of the modern period, making recipes which would never have been possible without Columbus’s adventure.