From July 17, we offer you new experiences in Món Sant Benet. There are proposals for everybody, from activities related to gastronomy and landscape, to leisure activities to enjoy the natural environment with the family and others around history and mystery.

At Món Sant Benet we are eager to share with you its unique environment you and that is why we are prepared with all the necessary security measures to ensure that you can enjoy the visit with maximum safety.

histories vi monestir
IN CATALAN. Did you know that the monastery of Sant Benet was a great producer of wine? For centuries, monks made a wide variety of wines, some of them in large quantities. We suggest you to join us on an itinerary to rediscover the monastery through this popular drink. We end with a wine tasting experience with the presence of the wineries of the DO Pla de Bages.
passeig per entorn i tast
IN CATALAN. Visit around Sant Benet with tasting of local products. A tour of the history of traditional crops in the area, the smells and sensations of the landscape that accompanies us. A dynamic and emotional walk to rediscover landscapes and tastes.
El misteri de Sant Benet
IN CATALAN. We offer you a mystery experience in this unique place full of legends and stories yet to be told. It will allow you to visit some of the most emblematic spaces of the monastery in search of the key clues and evidence of a murder. Are you ready? Activity designed for groups of between 2 and 5 people maximum.
memories estiu sant benet
IN CATALAN. We offer you a different journey to get to know the summers of the early twentieth century in which the modernist painter Ramon Casas and his family became the summer residents of this remote paradise, a place where time stands still. The tour will end with a taste of period drinks or a glass of cava.
plantes i unguents
IN CATALAN. We suggest a trip that will begin in the vegetable garden to learn where we can find out which were the most appreciated herbs for health care. We will discover the properties of essential oils while preparing an ointment with beeswax and a massage oil that we can take home.
un clic al riu
IN CATALAN. Discovery activity on the river Llobregat and its riverside area. We will investigate what animals and plants hide in the river and how water quality affects their lives and the environment. This activity includes an environment workshop and family experience at the monastery.
recerca cristall monestir families
IN CATALAN. We offer you an activity to discover the surroundings, which recovers the spirit of the most genuine gymkhanas with departure and arrival at the medieval monastery. This activity includes an environment workshop and family experience at the monastery.
baixem de l'hort
IN CATALAN. The orchard in summer is transformed into an edible garden full of smells, colors and flavors. We suggest you discover this fantastic place as a family with a set of clues. Includes a taste of the fruits that summer brings.