Let’s refine our senses and sharpen up our ideas. In this workshop we will find answers to three impossible questions and discover that many delicious chemical phenomena happen in our kitchens every day, making cooking an amazing, magical tool. Ages 5 to 12
Bon aprofit!
Every house has leftovers in the fridge and we often don’t know what to do with them. In this workshop, we will discover techniques and resources to use them up and make some tasty recipes. Love those leftovers! Ages 5 to 12
What the World Cooks
Why do we eat differently depending on where in the world we live? Are you ready for a culinary journey? In this workshop we will make a culinary tour of the different continents, cooking delicious typical recipes from different countries for all tastes. Ages 5 to 12
Tast de tardor
There is nothing like a nice warm kitchen to keep out the cold. With sweet potatoes, pumpkin and pomegranate we will create a really tasty meal full of energy and colour! Ages 5 to 12
Dolços del monestir
We elaborate two medieval recipes. On the one hand, the caps, a recipe taken from the book Sent Soví consisting in a biscuit filled with nuts. On the other hand, cottage cheese is produced, one of the most traditional products of our country. From 5 to 12 years.
From the garden to the plate
Participatory workshop that aims to bring seasonal cooking products in our kitchen. First we will go to the garden to collect organic products and then we will learn how to cook them. Finally, you can have a taste of the dishes we cooked. 5 to 12 years.
Decorem amb xocolata a MSB
Cookery workshop where we will create our own miniature “Mona de Pasqua” Easter cake, based on chocolate, lollipops and sweets. From 5 to 12 years.
Dolços de Nadal
We invite you into the Alícia Foundation’s kitchen where we will be able to make good traditional Christmas recipes and surprise family and friends who come to visit at this time of year. Because, for adults and children, Christmas is all about delicious delights! From 5 to 12 years.
Empatx d'estiu
Would you like to know about the fruit and vegetables you can find in summer? In this workshop we make some delicious recipes with seasonal products which will help us discover different ways of tasting the fruits of the good weather. Ages 5 to 12.
Les delícies d'Alícia
We’ll put our aprons on and make various refreshing summer recipes. While fighting the heat, the Alícia Foundation’s kitchen classroom will also teach you techniques for eating better, with fun recipes based on good eating habits. A real delight! For 5 to 12