A click in the river! (Family experience)

Món Sant Benet is located in a unique natural environment. We offer a discovery activity on the river Llobregat and its riverside area. Photographs of a camera placed in the river, which is shot with movement, reveal the "secret" life around this habitat. During the activity we will investigate which animals and plants hide in the river and how the quality of the water affects their life and the surrounding environment.

And we will become aware of the importance of preserving the natural spaces around us.

At Món Sant Benet we are eager to share with you its unique environment you and that is why we are prepared with all the necessary security measures to ensure that you can enjoy the visit with maximum safety.

Language: Catalan


Recommended ages: From 6 to 12

Duration: 1 hour 30 minuts.

Capacity: 20 persones

Days: Saturdays and Sundays in August and September, at 10.30am

Rate: €4 adult – €8,5 children

  • A tour of the natural and scenic environment

  • Includes participatory activities to discover the landscape

  • Activity subject to weather conditions

  • The route is not adapted for people with reduced mobility

  • Swimming in the river is not allowed during the activity

  • You need to wear rubber sandals that can get wet and not slip. Also if you think something convenient to dry your feet.

  • We recommend wearing a cap or hat and sunscreen.

This activity includes an environment workshop and family experience at the monastery.

un clic al riu
un clic al riu



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