Flavours of the land at Món Sant Benet. Autumn Festival and market

For the weekend of 2 and 3 of November, Món Sant Benet will host “Flavours of the land at Món Sant Benet. Autumn festival and market”, an event full of activities based on food, the landscape and autumn traditions. The event will include:

• Local food and craft market, with demonstrations of traditional crafts. 
• Workshops and activities for families to take part.
• Activities for children: children’s shows and entertainment, workshops, games and activities. 
• Guided tour to discover the rich landscape around the monastery.
• Shows: dance and music.
• Culinary activities: product tastings, cookery workshops, etc. 
• Wide range of good food to round off the day. 

“Flavours of the land at Món Sant Benet. Autumn festival and market” takes over from the traditional All Saints’ Day market which has been held at Món Sant Benet for some years. This bigger event, based on leisure activities, is intended to celebrate the arrival of autumn and reflect it from cultural, culinary, social and environmental viewpoints. A weekend full of things for families to do concentrated into a real festival of the land and the senses.

Check out all the activities here