Walk in the surroundings and tasting of local Products (Gastronomy and landscape experience)

Walking through the surroundings of the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, we can see the land and discover the mark the people who have lived here for centuries have left on the landscape, with the monastery as a key element. 

Along the route we will talk about some of the area’s traditional crops, which are also representative of the Mediterranean landscape, and we will see how they have shaped the history we have all transformed. A dynamic but at the same time sensitive route to rediscovering landscapes and tastes.

The activity includes a walking tour of the surroundings of Món Sant Benet, the production of an individual natural moisturizer and a small tasting of local products.

At Món Sant Benet we are eager to share with you its unique environment you and that is why we are prepared with all the necessary security measures to ensure that you can enjoy the visit with maximum safety.

Language: Catalan


Duration of the visit: 1 hour 30 minutes.

Days: From November 8 to 29, Sundays at 12 noon


Price: €15 adults and €7 children

  • Guided tour

  • Route through the natural surroundings and landscape

  • Tasting of local products

  • Includes participatory activities for discovering the landscape

  • The visit ends in an area of the monastery

  • Wi-Fi (in the monastery)

  • Activity subject to the weather conditions

passeig per entorn i tast
passeig per entorn i tast
passeig per entorn i tast
passeig per entorn i tast



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