Alícia Foundation

The Alícia Foundation, Ali-mentació i cièn-cia (Alice, Alimentation and Science), is a research centre devoted to technological innovation in cuisine, to the improvement of eating habits and to the evaluation of the food and gastronomic heritage. We are a centre with a social vocation, open to everyone to promote healthy eating.

Alícia  is a private,  non-profit foundation  created in 2003. Its Board is formed by Generalitat de Catalunya and Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation. With the complicity and collaboration of the best chefs and leading scientists. It enjoys the strategic leadership of the chef Ferran Adrià, the executive assessment of the cardiologist Valentí Fuster in health matters, contribution and support from leading chefs and the collaboration of leading scientists.

Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation and Alícia Foundation both, collaborate and share areas: social impulse, culture, land and environment, knowledge and alimentation.

Alícia seeks to be:

-A leader in the field of applied research in gastronomy.
-An active agent that seeks to offer culinary responses to dietary problems derived from specific illnesses and disorders.
-A space for the creation of a social awareness of the importance of food as a cultural phenomenon and as a factor for education.
-A place where ideas on food and cuisine are generated.
-A stimulating and sensorial experience combining tradition and innovation.
-A project with a commitment to the territory. 

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Fundació Alícia a Món St Benet
Fundació Alícia a Món St Benet