Món Sant Benet: 10 years

In 2017, we celebrated our first ten years: a decade that has made Món Sant Benet a focus and a model for innovation in Catalonia.

Món Sant Benet is a very unusual project visited by thousands of people every year. 300,000 schoolchildren have enjoyed workshops and visits to discover their heritage and improve their diet, and almost a million visitors have immersed themselves in history with the monks of Sant Benet and the painter Ramon Casas. Hundreds of important events have been held there with people from all over the world.

Ten very busy years

Compilation of the most important events that have taken place over the last ten years at Món Sant Benet. Through 26 photographs, it summarises the history of all parts of the complex, from 2007 to the present day, as a pioneering centre of reference in Catalonia.

My Món Sant Benet

“My Món Sant Benet" is a participatory project intended to contribute to expanding knowledge of a monastery with more than a thousand years of history and recovering its historical memory. It is a website compiling graphic or written testimony from anyone about their relationship with the monastery or Món Sant Benet.

Watch the video of the popular party