Món Sant Benet is celebration

On Saturday 30 September, the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation will share the celebration of the first ten years of Món Sant Benet with everyone. All forms of celebration will take over all possible areas of Món Sant Benet, indoors and out, for the whole of the big day.

Admission is freeThere will be a wide range of shows and activities, tours and workshops to help visitors discover the different areas of Món Sant Benet, highlighting the scope of the project being carried out there, the unusual nature of the facility and the value of the historic buildings.

An unbeatable opportunity to enjoy the best large-format Catalan circus acts, with musical performances and corners aimed specially at children. Tours and open workshops will also be offered in the historic buildings and the Alícia Foundation.

The staging of the celebration day is also completed with an extensive range of refreshments so you can enjoy the party non-stop all day. The presenter of the party will be David Pintó.

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