Monster Colours

MONSTER COLOURS, with Tombs Creatius

Games promoting skill, ingenuity and concentration designed for all ages, where children will be able to learn by playing. A set of free, unguided activities in which everyone has to discover the game for themselves and decide how they want to play it.

Monster Colours is a collection of more than 20 wooden games in which importance is given to the atmosphere they create. It has been illustrated by Carles Porta, a visual artist, graphic designer and animated film-maker.

This approach adds an artistic touch to our games for the day, attracting the attention of adults too. The collection illustrated in this way will create a visually exciting and expressive atmosphere. All the games on display also form an artistic whole.


From 11.30 am to 8.30 pm in the Meadow

Admission is free


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Monster Colours
Monster Colours