Participatory game-show based on everyone’s capacity for drama. It consists of six little theatres conceived as tiny works of art with a different Shakespeare play in each of them.

It is objectual theatre in which spectators listen to the play using headphones for the eight minutes of each performance. But the plays are performed by spectators on the other side of the little theatre who receive orders also via headphones. It’s a show that’s very difficult to explain but a lot of fun to do!  TIMESIn the Square, from 11.30am to 2.30pm and 3.30 to 6.30pm


For adults, young people and children aged eight and upwards


Micro-Shakespeare has been commissioned by the National Theatre of Great Britain from a pair of talented Catalans with long international careers: the playwright Toti Toronell and the stage and set designer Quim Domene.

Admission is free


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