The museum in the street

“The museum in the street” by Claret Papiol

Travelling comic theatre show featuring the beauty of MSB in an unexpected way. Three performances from different points in the complex. Large-format circus show with live music.


1.30 pm Square 

3.30 pm Meadow and Vegetable Garden  

5.30 pm Monastery 

Admission is free


In this show, Claret Papiol plays Professor Paparinassa, a scholar of art, masterfully directing his assistant Gatuelles to capture and frame the best snaps of the infinite imaginary picture gallery that is street life, in this case at the MSB.

Antoni Maria Claret Papiol March is a clown, actor and teacher, and he runs his own company. He is a leader of the renewal of classical clowning language.

In 1975, he founded Germans Poltona with Tortell Poltrona, and they organised the first Street Circus Festival in Barcelona in 1979. He is cofounder of the first CIRC CRIC and the Companyia Còmica La Ganga.

He has worked with the companies Marduix Titelles, Teatre de La Claca, Big Wheel Theatre Company (England), Bras De Fer (France) and Les Hommes En Noir (France).

In 1987, he created the show Hiper perplex turbo, with Tortell Poltrona.

In 1988, he formed his own company:  Claret Clown. He creates his shows for children and adults and takes them to Europe and Africa, performing at more than 70 festivals. He has also worked on television as a scriptwriter and performer. In the theatre, he has a long history as a director and creative talent, receiving recognition, such as the FAD-Sebastià Gasch Awards and the Butaca Awards.


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The museum in the street