“Violeta” by La Persiana and Venancio y Los Jóvenes de Antaño

Large-format circus show with live music.


12.30 pm 



Admission is free


Violeta is a show by people with want to have a good time. Seven acrobats who love the live music of Venancio y los Jovenes de Antaño and five musicians amazed by the acrobats. The show is directed by Joan Ramon Graell i Gabriel and incorporates fixed trapeze, Chinese pole, unsupported ladder, cyr wheel and other aerial acrobatics. “Venancio” is the nickname of the musician and singer Dani Álvarez who leads a band offering an enjoyable concert of boleros that give the show a poetic and festive touch, making it attractive for all ages.

Violeta won the prestigious Zirkolika awards for Best Show and Best Original Music in 2014.