Visita MSB: Mil anys de sensacions

We invite you to travel in time and discover life in a monastery where the voices, everyday sounds and images of the past appear within thousand-year-old walls, making the tour a unique experience. A tour of the most emblematic parts of the monastery: the church, the cloister, the cellar and the cells of the Montserrat gallery, allowing you to get inside the skin of the monastery’s inhabitants.

Visita MSB: Un dia

A journey that takes us to the summer of 1924 through all the rooms of the cloister that the painter Ramon Casas and his family became the summer residence. Music, light, images, smells ... guide us through the halls and rooms for an experience full of suggestion and sensitivity.

Visit MSB: From the belfry

What is the image that best represents a monastery? What can be seen from furthest away? Bell towers highlight the majesty of sites, accumulating the strength of their stones and the wisdom of the passage of time.

Visita MSB: Descobrim el monestir en família

You will be brought into the medieval monastery, accompanied by a guide, to discover all its hidden corners and the tales they conceal. This is an activity specially designed for all the family, where older and younger visitors alike can discover the magic of the museum adaptations and explanations specially designed for them.

Fundació Alícia- visita

"Homo Alimentarius", Alícia Foundation tour

Els fruits de la terra

The fruits of the land is a tour of the surroundings of Sant Benet, with a tasting of local products.

Walking through the surroundings of the monastery of Sant Benet de Bages, we can see the land and discover the mark the people who have lived here for centuries have left on the landscape, with the monastery as a key element.