Alícia Foundation Experience

We offer you the chance to help us solve a puzzle vital for the future of humanity: we need to find Homo Alimentarius. That’s why we invite you to play and investigate in an original experience. Through tests inspired by escape room games, we solve various puzzles and find out what the Alícia Foundation is and what it does. The Foundation is a centre devoted to research into cooking which promotes good diet and works so that we can all eat better.


Languages: Catalan and Spanish

 Prices: €9 adults and €5 children

 Duration: 1h 30m


Contact us

+34 93 875 94 01 |


Guided tour

  • Participatory activity: “In search of homo alimentarius”

  • Tour of the Alícia Foundation’s facilities

  • Small tastes and sensory games

  • Wi-Fi

  • Accessible

Fundació Alícia- visita
Fundació Alícia- visita